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Q: Does Ready Reset 2x void your air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty?
A: No. Ready Reset 2x works in conjunction with internal proprietary safety devices adding an extra layer of protection to your water-cooled air conditioner unit.  Ready Reset 2x is similar in nature to other add-on devices that are sold today like: condensate switches, electronic time delays, 24-volt ultra-violet lights, and thermostats.  All of the previously mentioned add-on products do not affect the original equipment manufacturer’s warranties.

Q: Can I install the RR2x myself?
A: No, it should be installed by a professionally trained and certified air conditioning technician. If you are installing in South Florida we recommend Complete Commercial Repair in Pompano Beach, FL. 

Q: Where do I buy a RR2X?
A: Call us today (954) 614-9997. We will be happy to answer all of your pre-sales questions help you place your order when you are ready. 

Q: What if the device fails after install?
A: Every ReadyReset2x device is covered by a 10-year warranty. 

Q: Will my regular a/c contractor know what to do with it?
A: Yes. Any certified air conditioning technician will be very familiar with the installation of the ReadyReset2x as it installs much like condensate switches, electronic time delays, 24-volt ultra-violet lights, and thermostats.