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Snowbird? Extended traveler?


What if ??

What if your A/C suddenly stopped?


Mold and mildew damage?

Introducing: Ready Reset 2X


Automatic reset – eliminates the need for manual system reset.

Ready Reset 2x was developed to solve resetting water-cooled air conditioner units in high-rise buildings when it’s not feasible. We know most people love to travel and go away for the summer months. They also worry about mold and mildew damage when their air conditioning systems not operational for extended periods of time. Building managers and maintenance crews continually have to reset the common area air conditioners, which consumes extra man hour in labor costs.


  • Cooling tower maintenance
  • Water pump failures
  • System change out or upgrade
  • Riser repair and re-piping
  • Water supply outage
  • Momentary power interruption that can cause your compressor to short cycle.